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Old bread house

Rina Ferrarelli was born in San Giovanni in Fiore but she emigrated to USA vhen she was fifteen.

She has published a chapbook, Dreamsearch (Malafemmina Press, 1992), and a full-length book of original poems, Home Is a Foreign Country (Eadmer Press, 1996); three books of translation Light Without Motion (Owl Creek Press, 1989), I Saw the Muses (Guernica, 1997) and Winter Fragments: Selected Poems of Bartolo Cattafi, (Chelsea Editions, 2006; her translation Light without Motion received the Italo Calvino Prize. Her work has also appeared in many journals and anthologies, including American Sports Poems (Orchard Books, 1988), Artful Dodge, Chelsea, Hudson Review, and International Quarterly. She teaches English and translation theory at the University of Pittsburgh.


This is a section of the site dedicated to the Mediterranean Architecture and that, going from the Mezquita de Cordoba to the Tiberius's Villa Iovis in Capri, from the Adalberto Libera's Villa Malaparte always in Capri until the Francesco Venezia's Gibellina Museum, from the Le Corbusier's Ronchamp Chapel to the Abbazia Florens of Gioacchino da Fiore and Luca Campano through the undergrounds of Naples, the underground architecture of the Greek Roman caverns exposed to the XVII Triennale of Milan, the ages, the cultural migrations, the Urbanism and Etno-Psychiatry, sometimes the losses, sometimes the contaminations, through various values and the religions, the aesthetic valences, with the contribution of personal written and of others Authors, of photography's, designs and other types of iconographic representations, 3d rendering, cad, videos, wants indicate a reflection course on this argument.