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Emigration poetry



Mediterranean Culture: Mediterranean Art: Mediterranean Architecture: Florens Abbey: Photography: by  Francesco Saverio ALESSIO copyright 1987

San Giovanni in Fiore

Florens Abbey

Photography: by Francesco Saverio Alessio, copyright © 1987

The Bread We Ate

The bread we ate
did not have a name.
Neither did the wheat
we took to the mill,
the flour the fornara
made into dough
at the community oven.
She used a starter
from an earlier batch,
an inheritance
received and passed on
like a blessing.
hugged the round loaves
to their breasts
and cut towards them.
We kissed it
to show respect,
as we kissed
our parents' hands
in the morning, our fingers
when crossing ourselves.



--San Giovanni in Fiore is an urban center born around the Archicenobio Florens founded by the mystic Joachim of Flora.
Once mystical center and voted to the Spirit,
in the heart of the SILA,
rises on a mountainous massive in the middle of the Mediterranean. Italians Emigrants Internet Association - - INTERNET AND WEB EDUCATION DEPARTMENT -  Italian and Mediterranean Culture



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